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He tenido buena atención, son muy amables, me he vuelto muy preocupado con mis problemas de salud. Los he recomendado a varios amigos.

-Rosibel P.



Thomas is a miracle worker. I had been seeing for several years for every time I had some injury for pains from exercise or martial arts training. At first, I doubted that his methods could get rid of the pain in one treatment. But when he did, it was impressive. Lately, I had different kinds of joint pains from lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet that regained longer treatment. It worked again. The entire staff is friendly and professional which created a great environment for treatment. I wish you all the best. Thank you.

-Joey M.



Very beneficial to my overall health. Have been educated about vegetables and their importance in overcoming my health issues. Staff very knowledgeable and courteous. Would highly recommend it, I feel my body has improved this past year through the treatment I have received.

-Linda H.



I was sick for over ten days. After multiple visits to doctors with no answers, my family called Dr. Thomas. He even came in on his day off to treat me. After just one visit I was already feeling better. He truly does care about his patients and always does his best to take care of the problem. Next time I will go straight to him instead of wasting time and money on different doctors. 




Thomas is a gifted healer. My case has stumped 4 dozen doctors, from Hopkins to Fairfax. His mission is core-driven and as comprehensive as any I've seen in my 25 years of healthcare work. A man of few words - he finds areas of dysfunction in your body by touch, sight, and listening, without invasive tests. My scientist husband was recently hurt in a bike accident and when his team worked on him I left the office with a "straighter-walking" spouse. They truly express care and compassion, we need a WHOLE lot more of that in healthcare. Thank you for keeping it simple and gently driving home the mind/ body/spirit balance message. I know God placed you in my healing path!

-Eileen W.



Regular acupuncture makes a big difference for me. it helps me with my energy, sleep, digestion and pain. Dr. Thomas is very thorough and gives me practiced advice for me to do thing at home to help myself.

-Michelle C.



I have been receiving service from Thomas Acupuncture for over a year now. They have helped to increase my energy level, straighten my hip to reduce pain, and given me valuable information to help eat the kinds of food that will benefit me most. I highly recommend Thomas Acupuncture for any concerns you may have regarding your health. 




I am very happy with my treatments and results. I feel much better and have more energy. Thomas is a wonderful doctor. He welly cares about his patients. All staff in the office are very nice and friendly. I highly recommend this acupuncture office to all my friends

-Katya P.



I am very happy with Thomas Acupuncture and Wellness.  Besides the benefits I have received such as weight loss, stress relief, and pain relief, Thomas has made me more aware of my health importance.  What I put in my body reflects on my skin, in my attitude; I'm much happier.  I have never been regular, and the detox has helped me tremendously.  The staff is great and always with a positive attitude and a smile.  Thank you guys for all your help.  You've boosted my self-esteem.

-Damarias B.



It's great being here. I can't wait until next Saturday. I feel so good, so energetic especially knowing that I'm on the path of a healthier life. I've learned what is good pain, even though it hurts, the results are so good and I know that m pain will go away one day. All the people here are so nice, and treat you so well that it's a pleasure to come. They are always there to listen to you and give you good advice. Thank you so much. 




This is an amazing experience. The focus on your total well-being is interesting, enlightening and productive. The results of the sessions are evidentially effective. I would recommend this experience to everyone.




When I came to Thomas Acupuncture, I had complaints of not sleeping well, back and neck aches and pains, twitching, acid indigestion, and overall not feeling well for some time. Through the use of herbal teas, diet changes, and acupuncture, these have been resolved or greatly reduced. In addition, unknown kidney issues came to light and other issues which seemed unrelated were realized and resolved. While I do still consult with traditional doctors, I only got relief and answers for these ailments through Thomas Acupuncture.  I now feel and sleep much better, have fewer aches and pains,  have lost weight, and rarely twitch. I also have an understanding of the root cause of many of my ailments.




Since coming to Thomas Acupuncture, I have noticed an overall improvement in my health. The Thomas clinic has assisted me in proper nutrition, the alignment of my back, better blood flow, and clearing out toxins within my body. Staff has always treated me with respect and are very professional in nature.




The knowledge and understanding here is amazing. My medical situation and history is complex, and yet right away the trouble areas were identified and accordingly treated. All of the seemingly individual problems - low energy, muddled thinking, chronic ear infections, anger, cold - were related problems. Acupuncture, bodywork, and training for (and adherence to) lifestyle changes helped correct those problems when nothing else did. It is obvious that the staff cares and that they are dedicated to healing. I have recommended Thomas Pain Care to my friends and family not just for pain management but for true healing. The treatments go a long way. I was very lucky to find this clinic. Thank you.  

-Lynn H.



Wonderful staff accommodates to patient needs and takes extreme care when it comes to making you feel comfortable. Dr. Thomas definitely understands patients and knows exactly how to treat symptoms. He is very knowledgeable with food groups/types. I have struggled at first with keeping up with my treatment plan. But in the end, I have successfully improved my health and well being all thanks due to him and the staff. I have recommended friends to see him and it is always a pleasure to keep recommending his office! 

-Mia P.



The treatment that I have received at Thomas Acupuncture & Herbs is totally different compared to chiropractic or traditionally based care. my treatments are focused on the whole body or system; education on food and behaviors are critical components of my care. this comment is provided after my 3rd treatment with Thomas Acupuncture & Herbs. I am looking forward to many treatments with the professional, knowledgeable, courteous and customer-oriented. Staffs at Thomas Acupuncture & Herbs, Thank you, Thomas, for improving my quality of life! 




I believe acupuncture is a wonderful healing technique and I'm very happy to have found Thomas's clinic.  I think Thomas is a very intuitive acupuncturist who is also very professional and direct. It's a pleasure to be in his clinic with his supportive staff. My ailment has improved tremendously under his care and diet plan change. I highly recommend him to others.




Awesome! This is the best clinic I've ever visited. Dr. Seo and his staffs are kind and very friendly. Whenever and whatever I have questions,  Dr. Seo has answers and suggestions. he is the best acupuncturist and doctor I've ever had. I highly recommend Thomas Acupuncture & Herbs to everybody. Actually, many of my friends and relatives are his patients now and they love him. I deeply thank Dr. Seo and his staffs for everything. 

-HJ R.



I love Thomas Acupuncture! The staff is friendly & knowledgeable. They take time to explain every aspect of the treatment. The office environment is pleasant & comfortable. I have recommended Thomas Acupuncture to my friends & family. I feel great & would return for more treatment without second thought. Top notch care & service

-R. J.

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