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Weight Loss / Management

Diego from Glenelg, Maryland (33 lbs lost in less than 50 days, chronic abdominal and shoulder pain gone, feeling great!)

On February 26th I went to my doctor. My weight was my life record of 251lbs, but also I felt very bad, cold in all my body, confused, tired, nauseated, etc. After normal questions, etc, we agreed that I needed to wait to see blood tests, etc (as always). For several years I had acute abdominal pain (and after several expensive and complex studies, I still didn't know what caused them, nor a solution for the pain). Last year I developed (without apparent reason) chronic pain in my right shoulder and arm. Same story, a lot of studies showed nothing conclusive.

That same day I went to see Dr. Thomas. Immediately he developed a plan of action. He recommended I immediately restrict wheat, dairy, and any kind of sugars. He also recommended natural supplements. With confidence, he said he was going to take care of me and he started applying needles to address the general inflammation I had, and in particular my shoulder issue. That night, I didn't have any pain at all, I immediately recovered strength and mobility in the arm.

In the time it took to get back the blood results (one week), I lost 7 pounds and my traditional doctor agreed it was a good idea to stop eating wheat but was it, no further recommendations or plan or action from the traditional professionals.

I started with two sessions of acupuncture per week, Dr. Thomas periodically adjust the supplements I take every day, and more important than anything else, I always feel he takes his time to understand what is happening between sessions and I know I have his full attention.

Since then, we decided to power boost the weight loss with intermittent fasting (not mandatory, but very easy to follow), the abdominal pain is gone, I feel great, strong and focussed. I don't feel cool in the body, my sinus is clear, I stopped snoring, I don't have pain in my shoulder and arm, and today, April 13th I weight 218 lbs, 33 pounds lost !!!! We moved the weight loss objective from 200lbs to 180 lbs. I am half way, but with Dr. Thomas support I know I can do it.

And yes, I don't like needles at all, but to be candid, they are not painful. Dr. Thomas is careful and kind and I trust him. Also, isn't it more painful to be and feel sick all the time? Believe me, to be treated by Dr. Thomas is not just worth it, but maybe the only way to get rid of chronic issues that you may have and that the traditional medicine just cannot address as it doesn't see the patient as a complex interconnected "system". Dr. Thomas addresses the "all" in its entirety and that is why he is so successful.

-Diego, MD




I have been seeing Dr.Seo (Thomas) regularly since February 2018. Since then I have lost 40 lbs and feel better than I have in over 10 years.  My cholesterol level is under 200 for the 1st time in almost 40 years. Combines with regular exercise and a diet consisting of foods recommended for my by Thomas. I am prescription drugs and commercial supplement free. I no longer have pain in my knees of muscles and my skin is radiant. I could not be more pleased. Dr. Seo is positive and supportive and the staffs in his office is excellent. I always look forward to my next visit.




Excellent professional, the only that really helped me with my gastritis (my continuous stomach ache hat I had for the last 20 year disappeared. Also, the only doctor that helped me with water retention, I lost man pounds of liquid and toxins. I'm feeling much better now and learning a lot about my body and diet.

-Ronaldo. S.J



I started coming to Thomas after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, after surgery and radiation I had many issues related to the cancer and treatment such as fatigue, pain, and blood clots. I started feeling better after a month hand I feel I’m in better health then I have ever been, treating the whole body focusing on the immune system while incorporating a special diet has been working well. I notice the difference when I miss appointments and stop my diet. I recommend Thomas for a whole body approach.

-Monica G.



I've known Thomas for 4 years, and I absolutely trust my health on him. Thomas is incredibly knowledgeable; his staff is super friendly and professional, and if you follow his diet and treatment you will definitely see an astonishing improvement in your health. His diagnosis is to the point, and I couldn’t be happier with the results and for finding his clinic.

-Monica S.



Since I started visiting Thomas acupuncture and wellness, my health has improved a lot. My regular doctor told me: “whatever you are doing, continue. You are in the right track.” And that’s what I'm doing! Through its program I've learned how to eat healthier and better. I've lost weight in combination with exercise and walking, I feel energetic and happier. In general, I feel great!! *FYI, I missed the massage and maybe an annual evaluation about the treatment to incorporate variation in smoothies.*




I am having a very enjoyable and friendly experience. Have noticed a marked improvement with my allergies and food sensitives. Less head congestion and indigestion. The rapid weight loss was a pleasant surprise. (25 lbs in 6 weeks). Looking forward to more improvements going forward.

-.Z. from Baltimore



Dr.Thomas in highly recommended. He has greatly reduced my pains and I feel much younger. I lost 30 lb in the first 3 months, and 44 lb in six months. Pains form my joint stiffness are greatly reduces, inflammation is gone, and even my complexion is better.




The treatment helps the body system to lose weight and the reduces pain and you will feel much better. Both my mom and myself got a lot more thinner. We enjoy coming here and learning something new every day. We recommend coming here you will love it too. Getting acupuncture really helps even it could look scare at the first time but after with the treatment you will see the change. 

-Martha R.



I've been asked so many times how did I lose weight (30 lbs in 2 mos.(Oct &Nov 2012 .now 40 lbs in 3 1/2 months- Dec 2012 & Jan 2013) in so short a time.. Very simple. no pills, no drugs nor rigorous exercise,, Everything natural,, Only a drastic switch to a healhier food intake @ lesser quantiy .. At first, I can't eat brown rice but I decided to look for something to make it more palatable to my palate so I used Sesame seed and green (or black) seaweed mix as rice condiments (Aji Nori Furikake) ..As for the salad (which never appealed to me at all prior to the drastic switch), I used either vinaigrette or the YUZU Citrus flavored dressing.. Both are available @ H Mart or any Asian supermarket.. Stay away from sweets, juice, dairy products , fried stuff and meat.. Drink Soy or Almond milk if you really want to drink milk.. Eat lots and lots of veggies (spinach, mushrooms etc) and only grilled, steamed or baked veggies with little fish or seafood (but drink ginger tea when eating fish.) and I go to my Acupuncturist to ensure that my blood circulation and digestive system are working properly..It may help to mention my name also to the Acupuncturist (Dr. Thomas -Myung Chan Seo) 703-750-0577 . . .  (and I never regretted having gone there from Day 1.. Thanks Annie W. for bringing me there to have my vertigo cured !) Again, the  weight loss was accidental because it was more for curing the very root cause of my vertigo which was an inflamed stomach and poor blood circulation !  Come join me in our MHC Health & Wellness Campaign and we will put you in the path towards a healthier lifestyles at no cost at all.. We simply want a heathier community where everyone is happy and will live long enough to carry out their passion ! and to top it all , STAY HAPPY and INSPIRED always by your loved ones, family, friends and the most imporant, GOD !!!




I had been trying for years to lose weight – several diets, several “pills” yet, nothing worked. Dr. Thomas has put me on the right path to a successful weight loss method that has helped not only weight loss but overall good health and well being. Thank you so much Dr.T.




I have been a patient of Thomas for over two months, and my experience has been excellent. I came in feeling without energy, Depressed with terrible pain in my left knee. I was overweight and hadn’t been able to lose any weight on different diets. After my initial treatment with Thomas and following his diet recommendations to the letter, I feel like a totally different person. I’ve lost 16lbs, I have more energy, feel happy, sleep like a baby, and the knee pain is gone! Im extremely thankful towards Thomas, his treatment, the herb supplements, the new way of eating. His staff is great too – so kind and supportive.

-Patricia C.

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