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More Patient Success Stories


I had low energy and what I thought was pain that would not go away. After following both acupuncture treatment and my tailored diet for almost two months, I’ve lost 12lbs and feel so much more energized and motivated. My aches and pains – especially hip pain/sciatica pain has not bothered me at all. My skin is clearer and my patience with my two children has increased. Also, I have not slept so well in years.



After hip surgery during which my femoral vein was lacerated and blood clots scar tissued in it. Thomas has helped eliminate most nerve pain. After rotator cuff surgery and being told one muscle was deteriorating and told not to play golf. Thomas helped me get back to golf with no shoulder pain. Very pleasant office decor. Very pleasant staff- I enjoying talking with them and with Thomas. He is very professional in all ways. Thomas is excellent at dietary suggestions.



Thomas is a miracle worker ! I've been suffering from vertigo for weeks and I felt so hopeless being a slave to this dizzy condition making me less functional in so many ways @ work and with my volunteer mission. But as soon I went for the first visit (courtesy of Annie W.), I felt the comforting drastic change. Not only did it mitigate my vertigo but now i feel lighter and very inspired to live a healthy life including the trek to the pendulum road of  weight loss and better blood circulation (no more blood vessels blockages !) Life is so short, live it the way it should be. .

-Grace V.


I had a chronic headache due to  the scoliosis for many years. I went to see a chiropractor but the treatments were unsuccessful. I met Dr. Thomas several years ago and I feel much better now. He is passionate, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable with his  techniques and treats each and every patients like his own family. Overall,  it was a great experience to meet him as my doctor and I would definitely  recommend him to everyone.




When I first started seeing Thomas, I had been diagnosed with severe scoliosis, and was most likely going to need surgery. Due to the treatment of Thomas and his team, I was able to avoid major surgery, and went into minor surgery in the best possible health. He has helped me with my recovery following post-op, resulting in me having no restrictions on my movement. I have also gained back all the weight I lost during surgery. Thomas' acupuncture really was a blessing in my life during a very difficult time. I plan on continuing to see him for the years to come.



Thomas is a miracle worker. I had been seeing for several years for every time I had some injury for pains from exercise or martial arts training. At first I doubted that his methods could get rid of the pain in one treatment. But when he did, it was impressive. Lately I had different kinds of joint pains from lack of exercise and unhealthy diet that regained longer treatment. It worked again. The entire staff is friendly and professional that created a great environment for treatment. I wish you all the best. Thank you.

-Joey M.



I had shoulder pain and low back problem for a long time due to athletic injuries, tried several chiropractic and acupuncture but none of them would able to get rid of my pain but Dr. Thomas. He is great!!

-Jin K.



Thomas Acupuncture is great. They have helped me with baseball injuries as well as helping me heal quicker from surgery. They help you become a healthier person and make your body feel good. I recommend Thomas Acupuncture to everyone. They are all very nice too!



I came to Thomas Acupuncture for relief of TMJ. Not only was my TMJ relieved but also my chronic Agina, which was a huge relief. Thank you! I highly recommend Thomas and his team of professionals. They are Thoughtful caring and truly are concerned about your health


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