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Pain Management

Thomas changed my life. I first came here with a frozen shoulder, severe rain and a 9mm calcification in the shoulder. Thomas changed my food diet together with acupuncture and within weeks, my pains was drastically reduced.

I recovered my arm movement and I feel more energetic and in an improved mood dover all. After a couple of months, the calcification disappeared and I had no pain what so ever. Thomas was referred to me by a close friend and I highly recommend him if you have pain or health issues. I am sure he will change your life as well!

PS. The Doctors (Physicians) had recommended shoulder surgery…


I had shoulder tension and tension headache for a very long time. My doctor prescribed prescription painkillers and muscle relaxer medication. Pain Killer only temporary released my headache. Muscle relaxer put me to sleep but waking up with stiffness. Without release of my tension, I got vertigo and felt like walking in cloud. My co-worker told me about Thomas Acupuncture. I gave it a try. It is an eye opening experience. I learned the source of my tension is coming from the food that I eat. After 92 days of weekly treatment, my shoulder tension, tension headache, vertigo, and unsteadiness disappeared. I feel lighter and happier. Thomas's revolutionary treatment of digestive tract as source of my tension has given me a new life. I even lost a few pounds during the treatment. Now I visit Thomas Monthly and continue following his advice to live better life.


During 6 years I had pain inflammation and constipation in my abdomen.

I had been under expensive and functionality test without any result. Fortunately many people suggested me to visit Dr.Thomas , it was a wonderful idea because since the first day his treatment start to make me feel much better than before. Now I am completely heal and want to share my experience to help other people.

-Monica N.



Thomas has given me extraordinary care. He restored my frozen shoulder to full range of motion after two sessions. Twice a week physical therapy in multiple weeks had yielded minimal results. More recently, he has been treating my knee in which a MRI revealed two complex tears to the meniscus and a bruised patella. Thomas has significantly reduced the inflammation and I can almost stand completely straight on the leg. I cannot recommend him enough!

-Linda B.



Dr.Thomas is a very empathetic healer. He truly cares about his patients. I am a 78 year old woman and depleted physically and emotionally. With his knowledge of the human body and person, Dr.Thomas was able to identify what was happening to me and his insight started me on a road of recovery to the point that today I feel health with a life worth living, which I had lost. His desire to truly help is, in my experience, rarely found in any medical or homeopathic community. One day I mentioned that I would dearly to fix my aging appearance and he said “I can help with that” And he did! Who needs botox when you have Dr.Thomas?! Dr.Thomas has been an incredible blessing in my life.

-Olga V.



Thomas and his staff are friendly and fantastic. Thomas is so knowledgeable and keeps me in good health and feeling food in a natural way without drugs or surgery. I keep coming back because I always feel so much better after a session. I like that Thomas explains things when I ask him.

-Deborah L.



Referred by a friend who was treated for irritable bowel syndrome and had wonderful success. Treated for fatigue; both mental and physical. My vision was affected and it caused dizziness. My ophthalmologist could not make improvements to my eye glass prescription. After two months of the recommended diet and regime of herbs I feel like myself. My vision has improved – no more dizziness and my energy has improved. As an added plus, I lost several pounds without trying.

-Nina. D



I have been coming to Thomas for 2 years. I came here initially for my IBS and many other issues. Thomas had taken of all my health issues even I felt there was no hope for me. He and his staff are very caring and extremely polite. I will continue to come here for whatever reason I have a need for.

-Mary K.



¡Volvi a la vida! Después de años de sufrir tanto, de visitar tantos médicos, especialistas, tratamientos para el envenenamiento de níquel por algunos dispositivos que tuve que evitar que mi bebé tuviera que beber, mi salud colapsó hasta que el Dr. Thomas me ha estado tratando, siento que iba a vivir. Una experiencia divina ¡Dios te bendiga junto con todo tu personal! - Maria Gomez

-Lola G.



Dr. Thomas is an amazing healer. I saw many doctors over the last 25 years who gave me diagnosis and prescriptions but they never made me better. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, mixed connective tissue disease, frozen shoulder, irritable bowel syndrome, morgellons and lyme disease. When I began to see Dr.Thomas, I could not walk up stairs because of knee pain and my body had inflammation from my feet to my head. With the acupuncture and diet changes recommended by Dr. Thomas, I lost almost 50 pounds and stopped the prescriptions. Inflammation is gone and I can walk up stairs easily without pain. I would recommend Thomas Acupuncture and Wellness to anyone with pain.

-Mary C.



Several years now, I have been receiving treatment from Thomas Seo. I came with chronic fatigue and experienced improvement through the years. It is essential to say consistent in not only your treatments but your diet and lifestyle. Thomas cares beyond the temporary treatment. His goal is to not only alleviate but to fix the root cause.




I have been getting better since my initial visit! I greatly appreciate all Dr.Thomas has done for me. He has been improving ailments I didn’t think was possible to repair or improve. Thank you so very much for all you have done and continue to do for me.

-E.R. M

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