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Stress Relief / Management

I came in to see Thomas because of an injury to the muscles around my hip (from ballet dancing). With one visit the pain left my hip, but he also helped me with emotional issues I was having, especially with anxiety. He corrected my diet to bring me back into balance. Thomas treated me as a whole person, not just my symptom. I am beyond delighted with his care and service, along with his whole team.

-Amber D.



I have found a level of balance since coming to the Thomas Acupuncture & Herb Clinic. I have a very challenging career and the level of stress is quite high. I was able to feel significant relief of pain in my cervical and thoracic spine after the first session. I have begun to understand the importance of a proper way to nourish my body and have embraced eating foods which assist my body natural healing process. This treatment plan was totally new to me and I am grateful for the positive experience and the journey to a healthier me. I am losing weight gradually; medication for long standing ailments have been reduced, and I feel energized. Thank you so much!

-MCE, Bethesda, MD



I feel very strongly that my overall health (physical and emotional) has benefited through Thomas's work. His work on me during stressful times dealing with aging parents has been amazing. I feel less anxious and  stressed out. After the holidays I felt sluggish and less energy so Thomas did a colon detoxic through acupuncture- wow! I felt so much lighter and better almost immediately. The staff is very helpful and welcoming. I would highly recommend Thomas. He is hones and encouraging.STRESS MANAGEMENT

-Susan M.

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