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The CoLymph® Detox Acupuncture is a comprehensive integrative approach to healing.

ABOUT CDAA (CoLymph® Detox Acupuncture Association)

The CoLymph® Detox Acupuncture treatment method is a novel and unique approach to health, pain management, and disease prevention that finds and treats the root causes of symptoms and illness by targeting two organ systems that dictate a large part of our health—the Colon and the Lymphatic System.

This specialized treatment method was developed by Dr. Thomas Seo based on scientific data and his 20+ years of clinical experience and research. The CoLymph® method embodies integrative medicine practices by combining scientific research/evidence with holistic acupuncture treatment, herbal medicines, and functional dietary therapy with comprehensive and personalized food consultations to aid your body in healing from within. Our focus on gut & lymphatic health puts immense importance on one’s diet for your overall health, as backed by research and using food as medicine. The CDA method looks at food in a completely new light by going beyond cookie-cutter nutrition advice and utilizing the nature and action of each ingredient for reduced inflammation and true whole-body wellness. Using these multiple modalities is aimed at rebalancing and restoring the normal functions of the colon/GI system and lymphatic system to help reduce systemic inflammation and its downstream long-term effects.



Trains health providers to an advanced, safe and individualized acupuncture protocol to treat chronic conditions, behavioral health and promote well-being.

Provides education, consultation, and assistance in establishing and sustaining acupuncture services within CoLymph® Detox theory.



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