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Expectations & Recommended Timelines

As a result, for women, we recommend
A MINIMUM OF 3 MONTHS of consistent, weekly treatments.

The main reasons why we set this expectation is for the following reasons:

It takes 90 days for an egg to reach full maturation, aka 3 months. A key part of treatment is to improve the quality of the egg itself, and the time frame in which an impact can be made on the egg health is, at minimum, 90 days before ovulation. During this period, the egg is the most sensitive to important health factors that can be modulated, such as sufficient blood flow and oxygenation levels, hormone levels, diet/nutrition, physical or mental stress, and systemic inflammation.

If the patient has additional underlying complications or history (i.e. long-term birth control usage, hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, PCOS, etc.), treatment typically takes longer to address and right the deeply-rooted chronic conditions affecting the patient’s overall health and fertility.

Every patient responds differently to treatment depending on their existing health history, constitution, ongoing IUI or IVF cycles, age, and timing.


For patients undergoing or planning on starting IVF,
we highly recommend AT LEAST 3 MONTHS of consistent acupuncture, herbal medicine, & dietary therapy treatment combination PRIOR to an egg retrieval for better outcomes—as stated above, the goal is to utilize the natural cycles of the female body to first improve the health and quality of the egg before retrieval. As the saying goes—if a house is to last, it must be built on firm foundations.

For men, to improve overall sperm quality,
we recommend 10 treatments over 5-10 weeks

in conjunction with our recommended herbal medicine formulas (if indicated for the patient) as well as dietary therapy, which is crucial for restoring health from within and keeping inflammation at bay. Both male and female partners are recommended to receive treatments together for optimal results.

Ideally, we encourage couples to start improving their long-term health holistically about 6 months to 1 year prior to conception efforts in order to significantly improve outcomes and also promote a healthier pregnancy and post-partum recovery.

Secondary Infertility Treatment

Our clinic also offers the same kinds of therapy and treatment for cases of secondary infertility for both men and women (difficulty getting pregnant after carrying a baby to full-term or after having been pregnant before). Secondary infertility shares many of the same root causes of primary infertility, but the treatment and recommendations may be modified and customized based on the state of the patient’s body after their first pregnancy and any test results that may be available now.