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Although acupuncture and holistic treatment is often used to supplement assistive reproductive technology (ART) methods, many root causes contributing to infertility stem from chronic imbalances or deficiencies from within, whether it be hormonal or organ-related, and thus take time and consistent work to realign and strengthen. Our whole-body approach is not to simply “accessorize” ART procedures, but to use scientific and clinical evidence to truly heal the patient mentally and physically and help them become healthy “incubators” for a potential baby. Only by improving the overall health of each partner can the quality of the egg and/or sperm be improved as well, and this is a vital part of the fertility treatment process here at our clinic.

Our comprehensive approach to improving fertility and the chances of a healthy pregnancy include the following:


A detailed intake of the patient/couple’s medical & fertility history, current or previous ART cycles, lifestyle, and average dietary intake


Herbal medicines (ideally in combination with acupuncture to improve outcomes, if indicated for the patient, depending on timing, medical history, and current ART usages)


Prenatal lymphatic cleansing: our CoLymph™ Lymphatic Cleansing Therapy may be recommended for indicated patients to cleanse the lymphatic system and boost immunity and gut health. This will help accelerate the reduction of systemic inflammation within the body that may be contributing to infertility and also bring warmth to the body to improve blood & lymph circulation and organ functions.


Acupuncture treatment


Dietary therapy: personalized dietary change recommendations to promote restoration of internal physical and hormonal imbalances and reduce interfering inflammation


Lifestyle changes: daily recommendations to further promote a healthy environment for fertilization & implantation