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We understand that navigating the healthcare system to address fertility can be overwhelming and daunting. Thus, our clinic is dedicated to providing consistently compassionate, holistic care to empower our patients and make acupuncture & Eastern herbal medicine for fertility simple and approachable. The evidence-based treatment principles we use and stand by form the foundation of our protocols, which have been specially designed to lower systemic inflammation levels, improve blood & nutrient supply to the reproductive systems, detoxify lymphatic vessels, rebalance hormones, and increase energy levels. The majority of unexplained and identified male/female fertility factors arise from internal imbalances in the organ systems, so it is essential to address the body as a whole for successful conception and full-term delivery.

We believe in addressing fertility care at the root cause and from all directions to naturally promote reproductive health for the long-term. Thus, we offer multiple treatment modalities to increase efficacy.

All treatment modalities may be used alone or in combination in a personalized manner to fit your fertility health goals/timeline and to work alongside your medical fertility team.

Our comprehensive approach to improving both female & male fertility treats the whole person with multidimensional reproductive care:


Getting to Know You & Your Goals:

A detailed intake & consultation of the patient/couple’s medical & fertility history and goals, current or previous ART cycles, lifestyle, and average dietary intake, etc.


Herbal Medicines

(ideally in combination with acupuncture to improve outcomes, if indicated for the patient, depending on timing, medical history, and current ART usages)

100% natural, plant-based herbal supplements, professionally formulated by a licensed acupuncturist-herbalist to safely & effectively boost reproductive and overall health from within


Prenatal Lymphatic Cleansing:

Our CoLymph™ Lymphatic Cleansing Therapy may be recommended for indicated patients to cleanse the lymphatic system and boost immunity and gut health. This will help accelerate the reduction of systemic inflammation within the body that may be contributing to infertility and also bring warmth to the body to improve blood & lymph circulation and organ functions.


Personalized Acupuncture Treatments:

Individualized selection and use of acupuncture points depending on the patient’s condition, timing & staging of ART procedures, and/or root causes of infertility.


Customized Dietary Therapy:

Personalized dietary change recommendations to promote restoration of internal physical and hormonal imbalances and reduce interfering inflammation


Lifestyle Adjustments:

Daily routine changes recommended to promote a low-inflammation and low-stress state of the mind & body in order to produce higher-quality eggs, sperm, and womb.

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